What dreams are made of


Mermaids and rabbits and creatures of nightmares. Girls with dark secrets and cartoons gone wild.


Big wigs and sparkles and sequins and glam.



These are a few of our favourite things.

Rosechong_084minnie mouse




Each look in this photoshoot is styled by our own in store style gurus Steve and Hannah using Rose Chong Clothing and accessories.  Wigs are also all styled in store by Wiggist Steve. This is just an example of creative looks that we can style for YOU in store. Come in and have a play. Walk out as something from your wildest dreams.



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Who did you dream to be ?

Remember back when you were younger and the stories you loved took you into another world of fantasy and escape, you imagined yourself as one of the characters solving crimes, going on adventures or falling madly in love?

Lucy Deitz, an RMIT photography student has created a wonderful portrait series showcasing the older generation dressed as their favourite story characters from their youth.

We have Willy Wonka, Scarlett O’Hara, Popeye, Dorothy and Sherlock Holmes.
You are never to old to dress up and dream. Who have you desired to be ?


Willy WonkaScarlett O'HaraPopeyeDorothySherlock Holmes


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If you were lucky enough to see our Melbourne Fringe show, CHONG KONG, you know it was a piece of theatre magic! If you missed out, here’s your chance to see what the fuss is all about…


The Chongettes, in dancing banana costumes, were a delicious welcoming committee.


Gabi Barton, of the Town Bikes fame, was a mannequin come to life.


Isn’t she a beaut!


Go Girl Gadget Go-Go were half girl, half gorilla, all sex appeal! (appeel!)


Our favourite lycra enthusiasts LunaSea sewed us a stitch witch!


The pink gorilla went hopping mad.


The actors reached new heights of their craft. Hollywood awaits.


Simon Bainbridge, by way of Fay Wray, was really pulling on the audiences heart strings.

And for the grand finale…


What could be more beautiful than mermaids on a pink pirate ship in a pool on the rooftop of Rose Chong Costumiers. It was heavenly!

Need to see more? Of course you do, so here’s a super special film we made just for you.


xxx The Chongettes


All photos by the fabulous Neel Morley, and filming by wonderful Sophie Nicholas xx

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Gaga for Gaga!

To celebrate Lady Gaga touring Australia, the Chongettes proudly present our favourite Gaga outfits:


We’re crazy for her Coke can wig from the Telephone video.


Our friend, and devoted Gaga fan, Simon wore this little diamante encrusted number to the concert. Only Gaga herself looked as good.


HUGE hair and sea shell bra is what Venus is all about.


This look was inspired by the Edge of Glory video, which is entirely costumed in vintage Versace. It’s everything we love combined.


Studs, space-age structural corsets, religious iconography and so many sequins; We LOVE every gaga outfit!

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Fringe Festival!


It’s time to go bananas because Rose and the Chongettes are putting on a Fringe show; CHONG KONG!


A formal gorilla, Banana Chongette Stacey and Rose were at the Fringe Festival Media Launch. They were suitably silly.


Now we’ve got you excited (and hungry)… you may ask, what, exactly, is CHONG KONG? It’s a cabaret, a gin palace, a speakeasy; a can-can dancing lady feel to the whole show, with circus performers, singers, tap dancers, acrobats, burlesque and masses of magic.

CHONG KONG is a chance to tour through the endless labyrinth of rooms that make up this iconic costumiers; a rare opportunity to see some of the greatest cabaret performers in Melbourne, in some of the world’s smallest performance spaces.

If you’re still unsure, watch this teaser, it’ll confuse you more!

For tickets, visit the Melbourne Fringe website or call (03) 9660 9600!

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Gertrude Street Projection Festival

This year we’ve been privileged to host not one, but two incredible projections in our windows!

In our Gertrude Street window, Pestilent Protrusions by Skunk Control; a seemingly translucent and benign light filled forest undergoing a continuous colour metamorphosis.

Skunk Control's Pestilent Protrusions.

Skunk Control’s Pestilent Protrusions.

In the Gore Street window, Kathryn Jamieson’s Winner; a surreal drama based around one man’s cyclical disillusionment with gambling.

A still from Kathryn Jamieson's Winner.

A still from Kathryn Jamieson’s Winner.

For Opening Night, we had a trio of fabulous ladies bring the projection out onto the street, with incredible wigs and makeup designed with Pestilent Protrusions in mind.


It was an instagrammers dream!


If you missed opening night, never fear! The Projection Festival is on every evening from 6pm to midnight, until this Saturday the 27th of July.


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The Chongettes have been working on a super special photo shoot, and here’s a sneak peak of some of the brilliant photos…

Our friend Laura is a zebra babe in a Technicolour jungle.junglelaura

Eugyeene & Simon are the cutest lost jungle explorers ever.

We inspired ourselves so much, we had to dress in jungle theme!

Watch out, a poacher!

More jungle fabulousness coming soon
xxx The Chongettes

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All Pink, all the time

The Chongettes were swooning in their seats at the incredible all pink production of Dangerous Liaisons! The show, by our fabulous friends Little Ones Theatre, is on at MTC until Sunday 8th June.


Feast your eyes on the fabulous set and costumes, including this gorgeous gown from Rose Chong!



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Art Deco Cleopatra

We adore the glamorous glittering jazz age, and they adored ancient Egypt. When explorers began unearthing Pharaohs tombs in the 1920s, an obsession with all things Egyptian was born!

Theda Bara as Cleopatra

Theda Bara as Cleopatra

Our new beaded peacock dress perfectly captures the art deco fashion for exotic patterns and fabulous rich colours.


The greens, blues and gold are so Tutankhamun, darling!


The gold fringing is decadently Egyptian, and perfect for dancing the Charleston!


We’re channelling Theda for the ultimate art deco Cleo.


What a vamp!


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Dangerous Liaisons

We adore Little Ones Theatre. It’s a plain and simple fact. Or maybe a rich and luxurious fact. (Little Ones don’t exactly do plain and simple, and neither do we!)


You see what we mean.

Little Ones have  always put together truly brilliant window displays for us; we almost died from happiness when we saw their leopard print explosion for Psycho Beach Party!

Psycho Beach Party

This time our window has been taken over to showcase their production of Dangerous Liaisons. Can you imagine anything more fabulous?


Eugyeene pampered and perfected our lady mannequin. The fabulousness levels were very high.

Ready for my close up

and BAM! the Dangerous Liaisons window was born!

Eugyeene and Tessa being babes in front of their gorgeous work!

Eugyeene and Tessa being babes in front of their gorgeous work!

Dangerous Liaisons is part of MTC Neon, and runs from May 29th until June 8th. Get your tickets here and in the meantime, come take a peek at our window!


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